Give families the gift of ePassing. Every person in hospice care has a life story to share.
It saves families on average $740 in obituary costs.

What is ePassing?

We provide hospice and home care professionals with a modern, meaningful way to help families honor their loved one's life story, forever. ePassing solves two of the biggest challenges families face when a loved one is in hospice care: honoring their loved one's life story by sharing it with everyone that was a part of it, and letting everyone know when their loved one has passed.

ePassing Page To Honor A Loved One

What is the cost of this bereavement service?
ePassing provides our service for free to all hospice & home care professionals and the families they serve (Regularly $29). It's our mission to help families share and preserve life stories, and with your help, we can do it together

What's included in your free ePassing Kit?
Your kit includes three helpful resources that help you give this incredibly healing, free service to families.
Option 1:
Give them a postcard.
Your free ePassing hospice kit includes 50 complimentary family postcards. Each folded card includes a unique URL that allows the family to set up their free ePassing Page. In addition, the postcard describes how ePassing can help them honor their loved one.
Give families the gift of ePassing with a postcard
Request your custom ePassing Page to give the gift of ePassing
Option 2:
Share your custom page.
You'll also receive a custom URL and a free, optional ePassing account. You and your peers can share your link with families, or invite them directy from your account dashboard. The custom URL can even include your organization's name and logo.
Option 3:
Lanyards and Buttons.
To help you spread the word about this powerful, healing life story service we'll send you two official ePassing lanyards and buttons. Not only is the lanyard a great way to carry your medical badge, it's a great conversation starter.
Give families the gift of ePassing with a postcard
Request your free ePassing kit today!
Get your ePassing postcards, custom url, lanyard and button
It's truly this simple to help families share and preserve their loved one's life story. There's no committment or cost to receive a kit and give the gift of ePassing.
People first. Giving spirit. Touching lives.
That's our mission.
If you'd like to learn more about how ePassing helps hospice and home care providers, you can schedule a 20-minute webinar with our founder to see it first hand. There's no risk, no cost to becoming an official ePassing Partner. Seeing is believing.
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